Saturday, January 21, 2017


Want to learn to eat mindfully?

I want to help you learn what mindful eating is all about and how it can help you keep your weight down.  
But first, why am I talking about eating mindfully anyway?  


Good question!

In the modern world we eat for convenience rather than for nutrition. We eat for instant gratification rather than long-term health benefits. Can you imagine learning a new way of slow eating in which you actually get to experience the tastes and textures of your food rather than wolfing it down in a hurry or snacking on the go? I can help you to learn to slow down and eat mindfully! I can help you to see the food you eat as medicine that not only nourishes your whole system, but also tastes delicious!


So what is mindful eating?

Mindful eating means taking the time to honor your food by choosing high quality, organic food, preparing it with care and eating it slowly and mindfully using your five senses to really enjoy it.

 It means allocating quiet time to prepare and enjoy eating your meal without rushing or multitasking at the same time. 

Picture Courtesy of Dr. Susan Albers

Mindful eating is a way of saying to yourself: “I respect my body enough to be mindful of what I put into it and of the way I eat.”


Think of this type of eating as a meditation. It means choosing to be present with your food and the way you eat it.

My clients find that eating mindfully helps 

● Sense intuitively when you are full
● Gain way more satisfaction from eating
● Develop a healthy relationship with food
● See food as medicine
● Discover new tastes and textures
● Improve digestion (less gas and bloating)
● Regulate bowel movement
● Discover food sensitivities
● Create healthy habits that enliven you


How will I know if it’s time for me to learn to eat mindfully?

Glad you asked! 

It’s time for you to practice mindful eating if you answer “YES” to any of these questions:
● You get bloated after eating
● You scoff down your food like there is no tomorrow
● You eat just to feel full not to enjoy the tastes
● You eat to numb out
● You want to learn to enjoy healthy food
● You feel bloated easily
● You gain weight easily
● You crave sugar or starchy foods
● You have difficulty focusing or foggy brain
● You feel lethargic after eating
● You have allergies or hay fever
● You feel addicted to eating foods that aren’t healthy for you but you can’t stop
● You tend to gain weight easily, especially in your belly
● You have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise


What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help clients discover what triggers them to overeat or binge eat. Then I lead them through a step-by-step process to learn how to eat mindfully and to learn what to eat for their unique body type.  
If you answered “YES” to any of the symptoms above, then click Vivante Weight Loss And Health now to schedule a time to talk with me about how you can learn to eat mindfully. I’ll help you understand what’s blocking you from eating mindfully and I’ll show you how to get started.  

To your health!  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Is Your ‘Perfect Weight’ A Healthy Weight?

The most common question is, ‘How much should I weigh?’ This is simply not an easy question to answer. If you are over the age of 40, odds are that you weigh more than you did in your 20’s.

So What Is Healthy?
What is your healthy weight? Many experts would define it as your ‘blueprint’ weight that makes you feel good and is healthy on your heart. 

This simple definition however can be deceiving because ‘I feel healthy’ doesn’t always equal ‘I am healthy’. In 2013, The Journal Of The American Medical Association published a report that people who were technically overweight, yet thought they felt healthy, were less likely to die at an early age than those of a normal weight. 

There is however one major concern with this. Studies have shown that people who are more than 30 pounds overweight are more likely to develop serious health issues. The extra weight that you carry can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. These health problems related to obesity can lead to long term negative consequences. So when does your 'Healthy Weight' become healthy? Your healthy weight is different from ‘The Perfect Weight’. 

What Can You Do? 

The first thing that you can do is forget the idea of a ‘Perfect Weight’. Many doctors don’t discuss a ‘Perfect Weight’ because it is often too stressful and unrealistic to achieve. 

To achieve a healthy weight, It is better to achieve smaller amounts of weight loss over a period of time. Focusing on a 10% weight reduction has a higher probability for success in reaching your long term goal. Smaller changes are more likely to last and have healthier impacts. 

The second thing you can do is forget the scale and make your waist your friend. The scale measures weight, correct? Well, the daily recommended intake of water which can fluctuate your weight by 2lbs or more. Does two pounds make a difference? Well, that's 7000 calories and an extra 10+ minutes per day of workout that you think you need to do. Remember, muscle also weighs more than fat.

People often rely on the BMI however generic Body Mass Index (BMI) check can misinterpret muscle for fat. If you have a lot of lean muscle mass, it can give you the wrong impression. 

Many experts today simply don’t use this in their evaluation. Sally Stieghan, a RN and dietitian in Atlanta says that the BMI tool, is more of a guess. If you want a good indicator, ask your waist. Your waist won’t lie to you. 

By measuring your waist, horizontally and across the belly button, you can measure your progress. I personally measure using a waist to height ratio. This methodology has been shown to better predict heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes and hypertension than the BMI methodology. As a Health Coach and Nutritionist, It also gives me a better picture of how you are doing.

This method is also much simpler to do. To measure the waist circumference accurately, you should measure it mid-way between the lower rib and the iliac crest (the top of the pelvic bone at the hip), this is the method recommended by the World Health Organization. 
For More Information And How I Can Help You, Give Me A Call. 
Luv Ya--Kathy 
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Power Of Giving And Wellness

As always, I hope your day is starting off positive and that today had a blessing for you. For me, today brought quite a few. Some brand new doors opened, which added positive things in my life.

Today brought some beautiful new people into my life that gave me insight as to how precious relationships are, that they will not last forever and why we should feel blessed and privileged to have those relationships in our lives.

It re-enforced the power of giving. The power that is unlocked when we give new relationships to people. What the power of giving does for others...and what it does for ourselves. It also emphasized that by giving freely, we live on our own terms—not anybody others. The power of giving creates a positive energy bank to withdraw successes from.

By tapping into that energy, it allows us to do the unimaginable. To make dreams become realities. Now…believe it or not, being positive does take effort and practice. One does not simply DO kindness. 

It must be practiced, refined and matured. Most importantly it must appear and BE genuine. Sometimes kindness appears as ‘con-ness’ because we simply are practicing it correctly or getting good feedback from it. 

But…once we develop good kindness skills, we move on to the next chapter. DOING real work with this gift….helping others in unimaginable ways. This is where the rubber meets the road. We become empowered and excited by the journey that we begin….all through random acts of kindness.

The question becomes, when do we start? Well….the answer is both simple and difficult. The simple answer is….now. The difficult answer is also…now. It is both now because simply, we can start right now. At any moment. It is difficult because while we can start right now…it begs the question, by doing what and how? Again, the difficult part may be to get the motivation to do it. Or it may be getting over the barrier of size and scope. 

Consider the act of donating one dollar. With the right attitude, giving one dollar can be worth millions. So what's the barrier? Giving one dollar has a huge impact but the barrier is ‘it’s only one dollar’ and doesn’t FEEL like much. It's appreciating the act that you accomplished and the impact it had to a greater cause that amplifies the emotion.

Consider this, everything is created with one thought, one idea or…one dollar. If your emotion and positive energy influenced 100 friends to do the same thing, how many people could be fed? In that, we become creators of our life. Because so many things happen in our lives, it’s easy to forget how much we’ve created with one thought, idea or decision. Maybe you have a significant other. By that I don’t only mean your spouse, wife, husband, life partner or best friend. Maybe it’s your dog too. Whatever it is, I’ll ask you…is it with you now? Right now? If so give it a hug. Remember this relationship is one thing that you created based on one idea or decision. It can be based on a dream.

So, what is your dream today? What is a desire that you once had? What seemed impossible before? Think of something that inspired you to accomplish one success. Reconnect with it. Write it down and make a decision….not simply a plan. 

Dr. Martin Luther King said…’I have a dream…’ not ‘I have a plan’. Put your dream first…then make a plan to accomplish your dream. Unleash your hunger and desire for your impossible dream. It will inspire you.Take energized and focused action. There is no limit to the energy and flexibility you’ll have in pursuit of your dream.

Ask for Grace. Call it luck, divine intervention or whatever. Asking for Grace creates faith, hope, desire, energy and belief that you will accomplish what you set out to do. 

It also creates gratitude for what you have yet to accomplish 

Giving isn't always to someone else. If you have been neglecting yourself, it's time to give yourself a break. Sometimes, we give so much that we don't take care of ourselves. In that, we aren't giving ourselves what we need. The world lost a beautiful soul in Robin Williams because of this. If this is you, you must change. Once you’ve started these actions and ideas, build your plan and turn to the next page in your life. 

Set yourself free. Empower yourself to new heights. This is how I help.This is what a Health And Wellness Coach can do for you.
Luv Ya
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Is A Health Coach?

Kathy McIntyre
Often times I get this question, what is a Heath Coach and what do they do? It's a great question because often people don't know what I'm talking about.

Health Coaches are often referred to as Wellness Coaches and we are seeing more in doctor's offices, spas and clinics all over the country. Many Institutions define a wellness coach as an authority and supportive individual that nurtures positive health choices. 

We teach and guide clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior transformations. In short, we are educated mentors in nutrition wellness, mentoring and bio-individuality. Bio-individuality specifically means that weight loss and wellness plans aren't 'cookie cutter'.

As a student of the Health Coach Institute I  have been trained in over 100 diet theories. I will use the word 'diet' here because many do not work. They don't promote long term weight management. Each individual diet has good components and bad components. Health Coaches look for and use exactly what will work for you. We look for what is holding you back.  I prefer to say 'weight loss program' and 'life style transformation'. We focus on not only what you are eating, but your lifestyle as a whole.

So how do I do that? Another great question. I break down a lifestyle into four elements. Wellness can be generally defined as “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” Weight gain and Weight loss are directly related to overall personal wellness. So, we focus on four key Elements Of Wellness to drive successful weight loss and weight management.

Four Elements Of Wellness:

1. Emotional/Mental Wellness – how you care and feed your mind; your awareness and acceptance of your feelings; your thoughts, attitudes, and self-talk; your resilience and self-esteem.
2. Physical Wellness – how you care for your body; your health and vitality.
3. Spiritual Wellness – your sense of meaning and purpose in your life; how you integrate your beliefs and values into action.
4. Social Wellness – how you relate to self, others, and community; having supportive relationships and a sense of belonging. 
There are three key points of weight loss and management in this definition and one that is often overlooked…I will explain: 

1. Successful and lasting weight loss encompasses the mind, body and spirit (i.e. the four key elements of wellness).
2. It is the result of specific efforts.
3. Those efforts are deliberate. 
The missing piece is lasting weight loss as part of total wellness. Weight loss isn’t something we achieve and check off our to-do list. We must plan and choose an individualized weight loss process that will lead us toward a total wellness state. If we think of weight loss only as a state of being, then we increase the probability of failure. Why? Because we overlook important considerations that will help us sustain our total state of being.   

A Comparison: 

Here’s a comparison to illustrate how wellness can be a ‘state of being’ and a ‘process’. In business, ‘Quality’ allows a consumer to declare whether or not a product is superior or inferior – as in ‘good quality’ or ‘poor quality’. The success of a product depends on specific standards of quality. Numerous processes are created to ensure those standards are reached and maintained. Entire departments and quality management teams are formed to develop new processes and throw out or adapt the ones that don’t work. It’s an ongoing process. It never stops. Just as in our quest for wellness, once we achieve our desired state, there are likely specific behaviors we will have to maintain or adapt in order to stay there.

So, our definition of wellness becomes: the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate, and ongoing, effort. Lets look at an example of how this starts.

Our Example:

Someone Like Sue
Six months ago I had a client that we will call 'Sue'. Sue would not have described herself as “well.” She was overweight and as a result of many years of what she describes as “neglecting her body”. 

Many people can relate to Sue. She developed high cholesterol and diabetes.She looked down upon herself, often quietly insulting herself. This is called 'Fat Eyes' or 'Fat Shaming'. It's a very negative and powerful condition. Then she began to wonder what it would be like to be healthy and well. She learned that all three conditions could be improved with a healthy diet and regular exercise. She had tried different diet programs in the past but always gained the weight back and gave up. She decided to make a change but this time something needed to be different. She began to reach out for support. Through commitment and hard work she achieved her goals. Today, Sue's weight and cholesterol are within a healthy range and she no longer has diabetes. Through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and techniques for stress management, she reached her desired state of wellness. But she didn’t stop. She continues today and we continue to help her. She knows that what she does everyday not only keeps her body healthy, but helps her believe in and feel good about herself. Sue now describes herself as ‘well.’

What Is Your Problem?

Make the 'Impossible'..' I'm Possible '
This is what a Health Coach looks for....making the impossible, possible.If weight loss is needed, then one or more of these four elements also needs help. 

We focus on a total wellness concept so that you should never have to do this again. Many diets would tell you that they want this to be your very last time. This may be true however a number of these simply don't 'finish the job'. They help you lose the weight by simply controlling your calories and portion sizes but they often don't or can't get to the root cause. In other words, they don't answer 'how did this happen in the first place?' This is why understanding the elements of your wellness are important. In each of these areas, do you have a balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness? Where are things going well? Where would you like to see a change? 

We can help get to the root cause(s), provide a plan and support for a Wellness Transformation. Remember, if weight loss is needed, it’s not a ‘Do It Yourself’ process. 

As we work toward achieving your goals, we use these Key Elements of Wellness to focus on things going well in your life and where you would like to see a change. By concentrating on and positively nurturing those  Elements Of Wellness , I can help you create a strong foundation for total personal wellness. 

As a Health Coach, I will mentor and provide recovery based coaching to assist a client in pursuing his/her individual health and wellness journey by:
· Providing individualized health coaching to clients in obtaining their health objectives.
· Teaching others about managing their mental and physical health.
· Supporting clients in learning how to make good choices for themselves.
· Creating and adapting wellness objectives to overcome barriers to good mental and physical health based on needs of, and with input from, clients.
· Co-facilitating groups/classes to support improved health outcomes for clients
· Working closely with my Providers to engage clients in appropriate services and resources and assist with coordination of care.

Non-Surgical/Healthy Weight Loss
So this is why I am different. This is what Health and Wellness Coaches do. We assist clients in finding new ways to inspire healthier habits through health & wellness. I will work closely with you in promoting wellness and helping realize their personal best.

I will take responsibility to develop our relationship and assist you through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education.

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